Sunday Night Worship

Hi everyone! Rosters are up until the start of December for Sunday night services, please have a look and accept/decline. They may change slightly so please get your availability in asap!

August & September Roster + TEAM NIGHT DATES

Hi all,

Please find the updated roster for the next two months. Please respond as soon as possible to these requests, it makes it much easier for myself and the worship leaders if we know what's happening around the place. 


Also ahead of time put these TEAM NIGHT dates into your calendar:






Thanks guys!

Daniel Thornton Workshop + New Song for June


THIS Tuesday is our Team Night with special guest Daniel Thornton. I'm so excited to hear what Daniel has to share with us as a team! See you at Seeds at 7:30pm on the 21st of June.


Also, this month we have introduced a new song to Sunday mornings, keeping the new ones flowing through. 

Resurrecting - Elevation Worship

This is an excellent worship song and I would defiantly recommend the album Here As In Heaven.


Post a comment on this to let me know what worship music you've been listening to lately, I'm always keen for some new material! 

Sunday Night

Sunday Night worship rosters are now up for the next few months!! Have a look and accept/decline asap so we can make any changes necessary :) :) 

Worship Team Standards

Attached to this post is a copy of our Worship Team Standards. Hit the attachment button to view.

If you haven't already, please look over this document, as it will be referred to in the future.


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